(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


CJUK in the Industry

At CJUK we pride ourselves on our ability to keep our Chefs motivated and challenged, that’s why they have the opportunity to work across a number of sectors in the industry. We want our Chefs to feel they are continually learning and developing their skills, and the chance to work in a variety of establishments allows them to do exactly that.

83%of our Chefs say their skills were perfectly matched to the job we placed them in

Point 6 in the CJUK Chef Charter states that ͞Our Chefs have a personalised induction and carrying out a thorough interview and registration process means we know you inside out and give you the work you’re most suited to, which could be in one or more of the below sectors;

Andrew,CJUK Elite Chef

I love being a CJUK Chef! I enjoy cooking again, getting paid hourly and working in great places with great people.