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Did You Know 20,000 Chefs Leave The Industry Each Year?

Written on 30-Apr-2019

According to a recent report from the Centre for London Think Tank, the number of Chefs leaving the UK hospitality industry each year is at a rate of 20,000.

The report says that Chef black and white image cjuk“the growing number of Chefs has not been matched by an improvement of culinary education and training,” clearly, something needs to be improved.

With high stress levels, a national skill shortage, and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit always looming, being a Chef and working in a satisfactory environment can become somewhat of a rarity.

The worry linked to such short Chef numbers in the country is as present as ever.

Pair this with the increasing collapse of chain restaurants in towns and cities, finding fair and equal work is becoming quite a task for those in the profession, and the hospitality industry in general, up and down the country.

Despite this, CJUK are determined to maintain their CJUK Chef’s Charter; a promise given to every one of their relief Chefs – these include:
  • The guarantee of being paid for every hour 
  • Holiday pay
  • Travel expenses & accommodation
  • The freedom to choose where, when and how you work – you are in control!
  • Pension scheme enrolment
  • Entry into monthly awards, and other award schemes
  • The opportunity for becoming a CJUK Ambassador
  • Quarterly gifts and other incentives
  • Branded workwear
  • Invites to regular social events

With these in mind, we think that it’s refreshing for Chefs looking for work to be reminded why they chose to be one in the first place.

Working in this busy and challenging environment shouldn’t be as hard work as some are finding it to be. We love to remind our chefs that the work they are doing is being recognised, and that it can be rewarding with the right support.

By working together to build a fairer working experience, they can rely on CJUK to make their work what it should be; worth working for and giving you the freedom to choose how you want to work.

Written By Finola Walsh

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