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7 Reasons to Become a CJUK Chef

Written on 19-Sep-2016

To us, being a CJUK Chef is not a short term solution it’s a full-time career option. Our aim is for all of our Chefs to have the best possible experience whilst working with CJUK.

Interim (or Relief) Chefs are often given a hard time in the hospitality industry and it’s often thought of as a route to take towards the end of your career. Here at CJUK, we have Chefs who have worked for us for over 10 years and have no intention of changing their role.

We asked some of our Elite Chefs to tell us what they value the most about being a CJUK Chef;

  1. “For me, it’s being able to experience the way Chefs do things in different ways. I can honestly say that no two Head Chefs that I’ve met have been the same. It’s an excellent way to learn new methods and will continue to help me become a more balanced all-rounder in the kitchen. Also, getting to see different parts of the country isn’t too shabby either!”
    Andrew, CJUK Elite Chef
  2. “I have made some fantastic friends over the years and I’ve learnt lots from some very good Head Chefs, all of which I’m still in contact with. I also like the fact you’re never bound to one job.”
    Sam, CJUK Chef
  1. “I love travelling around & learning new things but I also love being able to teach people as well. There are so many different ways of doing things in this industry that you’re constantly learning.”
    Chris, CJUK Elite Chef
  2. “I love all the trouble shooting – why is the GP wrong? Portion sizing, over production/wastage, why is the menu not costed? Suppliers charging too much. Also, I love being able to teach staff knew techniques, give them ideas and looking at how a kitchen is set up.”
    Pete, CJUK Elite Chef
  3. “I love being able to take holidays when I want – I’ve got 3 weeks off in July, that would have never happened before!”
    James, CJUK Elite Chef
  4. “Being an Interim Chef allows you to travel across the country and meet other great Chefs.”
    Nick, CJUK Chef
  5. “The variety of work is great, you can say you want to work in a Rosette establishment and the next week that’s exactly where you’ll be. Another reason I love being CJUK Chef is that looking for a new job sucks but you can tell your Candidate Manager that you aren’t happy in the role and they will get you into a great client as soon as possible.”
    Kristian, CJUK Elite Chef

All of our CJUK Chefs love what they do and we are here to make their job as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Looking to become an Elite Chef with CJUK?
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