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Written on 23-Jun-2017

What would we be without our chefs? Our talented brigade is what makes CJUK great.

Every day our team hears stories from our chefs about what CJUK means to them. Some are funny or inspiring, and others just very simply sum up the benefits of being a CJUK chef. It isn’t a stepping stone; it is a bona fide career choice!

So many of you have told us that you were anxious about making that step away from a perm job, but once you did you haven’t looked back. CJUK has improved your lives, allowed you to explore your dreams, set up new businesses, improved your skills as a chef, given you previous time with your family on Christmas morning, or simply enabled you to go to your first ever concert.

There are so many great stories which illustrate why being a CJUK Chef is a great career choice. So, we have decided to share a few.


Over the coming weeks and months, we are going to be sharing #CJUKStories on our Facebook page and via Twitter, with a summary collated right here on our website.

So please check out our Facebook page and Twitter, and like/follow us to keep up with the great stories from our CJUK chefs, and a few from our team here at CJUK HQ too.

If you have a story you’d like to share with us then please get in touch, we’d love to speak to you.

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