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Find out what all the fuss is about – 10 reasons chefs are choosing CJUK to manage their career

Written on 08-Mar-2017

At CJUK we want every single chef to have the best possible experience when working with us. We have worked really hard to understand what Chefs want from their career and how we can give it to them. Working as a professional Chef is an extremely hard job but can be equally rewarding, given the correct pay, working conditions and most importantly respect.

We have therefore introduced the “CJUK Chef Charter” which is a 10 point pledge to ensure working as an Interim Chef for CJUK is a serious career option.

CJUK have always promoted these values and The Charter has been developed in partnership with our loyal and dedicated Interim Chefs in order to enhance work-life balance, pay, career development and job satisfaction.

Chefs Jobs UK Chef Charter – Our pledge to you

  1. Our Chefs will be paid for every hour they work
  1. Our Chefs will have a work-life balance
  1. Our Chefs will be less stressed, they will just cook
  1. Our Chefs will remember why they wanted to become a professional chef
  1. Our Chefs will always have the opportunity to learn
  1. Our Chefs will have a personalised induction
  1. Our Chefs will always be fully prepped for every job
  1. Our Chefs feedback and opinions will be valued
  1. Our Chefs will raise the standards across the hospitality industry
  1. Our Chefs will become part of a close knit brigade

The national ‘Chef shortage’ has been a hot topic over the past few years, however, at CJUK we want to prove that there is a healthy, realistic way of working in the hospitality industry without suffering the long hours, poor working conditions and lack of work life balance. We have had some real success stories, with the majority of our Chefs registering with us to fill a gap in employment but then continuing to work for us for years:


Some of the benefits our Interim Chefs experience include:

  • CJUK chefs whites and aprons
  • An invitation to our annual Chef Conference
  • The opportunity to be promoted to an ‘Elite Chef’
  • Becoming part of the Chefs Jobs UK community
  • The opportunity to become a prize winner based on loyalty and performance
  • Quarterly Reviews

At CJUK we passionately believe there is #ABetterWay of working within the hospitality industry. As a CJUK Chef we promise our chefs will have a whole new experience and we will do everything in our power to adhere to our Chef Charter at all times.

Learn more about our Chef Charter here…

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