(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


CJUK Chef Stories – Kevin


“I had gotten sick of working silly hours, bank holidays and weekends”

“After many years working in different roles and various establishments, I had gotten sick of working silly hours, being on and off the treadmill with customers and management, who were only concerned about numbers. I decided I needed something new so I applied for a Head Chef position in a care home not thinking I would be in with a chance and I got it.

Care homes restored my faith in catering; these lovely retired people all had different stories and issues to tell you. You could chat and listen to them all day. To be able to cook and serve a simple meal and get such job satisfaction that you haven’t gotten in a long while is what got me thinking, I’ve found my niche. After being retired for a year or so I heard catering calling me back and I was fortunate to come across an amazing agency that not only listened to me with regards to how many hours or days I wanted to work and what I would love to do, but they treated me like a human being not just a number on their books.

I of course I chose care homes, day care centres and private schools to get back into catering. People who would appreciate my efforts and give honest feedback, I have now been with CJUK for over a year and I cannot praise them enough. You’re asked and not told what jobs or hours you wish to do, you have the freedom of choice but you have the backing of an amazing team when you need them.

Being asked for by name from a client is an immense feeling of pride!

Not many people can get that much job satisfaction doing a job and actually enjoy getting paid for something that gives them pleasure.”

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