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New Year, New Food: Our Food Trend Predictions for 2020

Written on 02-Jan-2020

Happy New Year!

It’s a new decade and with that comes a whole range of new trends for us foodies to try and add to our menus.

2019 saw delights from activated charcoal croissants and pulled jackfruit to ‘dirty vegan food’ and deconstructed dishes take the industry by storm, so what will this year bring?

We took some inspiration from a poll we ran and some industry magazine articles to come up with the food trends we think will rise in the next few months:

Korean Food

Review website Yelp has predicated the rise in Korean cuisine across the globe following its rise in popularity throughout 2019.

Think grill plate BBQ and bibimbap – bowls of rice with a mix of vegetables and the choice of beef, chicken, tofu or seafood. 

Alternative Protein Vegan Burger

One in eight of us is now a veggie or vegan with 21% describing themselves as a ‘flexitarian’, but people are still looking for alternative proteins and ‘fake’ meats such as the Impossible Burger.

Black Garlic

Black garlic has been used in Korea for centuries and arrived in the UK around eight years ago. Made by ageing and fermenting garlic bulbs until they turn black, it transforms the flavour completely.

Chefs are increasingly including it in their dishes as it’s useful for adding depth to vegan dishes, another growing trend.

Fin-to-Gill Dishes

Not everyone is keen on the thought of eating prawn heads or roe, meaning the majority of the fish we prepare is being wasted.

With a world becoming more conscious about food waste and how to combat it, Aussie Chef Josh Niland released The Whole Fish Cookbook to demonstrate how to turn every part of a fish into a delicious meal. Just a few of the examples include fish black pudding, fish throat sausage and crispy deep-fried fish eyes…

Do you have any more predictions? Send your ideas to our marketing team and we will feature them on this article!