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(Out of Hours)


Future-proof your business with flexible working

Written on 27-Jun-2017

I speak to a lot of businesses around the UK who consistently tell me they are looking to hire the very best talent to their organisation. With the ever growing skills shortages, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

I always ask my clients to look at a job search from a candidate’s point of view. Most exceptional candidates have some very unique ‘perks’ negotiated into their current contract and it’s often important to them to keep hold of these in their new role. The most common being some sort of flexible working.

This might be working from home one day a week, it might be working 4 days a week for 10 hours a day (giving them an extra day off) or it might be starting at 7am so they can finish at 3.30 to do the school run.

In the UK, only 1 in 10 job adverts offer some sort of flexible working. If your ad doesn’t offer flexible working or at least acknowledge you are open to a discussion about it you could be marginalising a huge number of potential candidates.

Businesses need to make it clear they are open to flexibility when looking and advertising for candidates to open themselves up to a new pool of talent.


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