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How ‘Instagrammable’ is your establishment?

Written on 25-Mar-2019

Do you have a feature or anything unique at your venue to make people want to share it on Instagram?

An opinion piece by our Manchester Recruitment Specialist, Anya.

Last week, the team met with a range of reputable clients in Manchester and one thing that really stood out was that, to be a successful hospitality business, you have to do or have something that makes you stand out from the crowd and that people want to share, therefore making you ‘Instagrammable’.

With over 400 million daily active users, Instagram is one of the most influential social media platforms to exist. At the time of writing this, the hashtags #food and #foodporn collectively have over 516 million posts, making them one of, if not the most, popular hashtags on Instagram.

Take Dirty Martini in Manchester for example. People go there not only for a great night but also for a picture with the well-known angel wings that they can share on their social media page. They go to Menagerie, not only for an amazing experience but to take a picture in the Instagram-famous bathtub.

In order to be the ‘place to go’ you need to have something special that makes you different, that makes people want to take a picture and ultimately talk about it on social media.

When you have an ‘Instagrammable’ moment within your establishment, you then have something that your customer can post on social media and share with their followers. Meaning that, not only do you increase your digital presence, but other potential customers will want to come to you to make sure they’re involved in the latest trend.

Having amazing food isn’t the be all and end all anymore, people leaving great reviews and posting about you on social media is how you are going to grow your customer base and get more clientele through the door.

So, the question is, what makes you stand out from the crowd? What’s your ‘Instagrammable’ feature? 

If you don’t have anything, it’s now time to act if you want to stay ahead of the game…

Working in partnership with CJUK


Anya is our Manchester-focused Recruitment Specialist, working closely with a brigade of highly-skilled candidates and placing them in temporary contracts across the City.

Since joining the CJUK team in 2013, Anya has gained experience in all aspects of the business, from marketing right through to temporary recruitment.  The recent move to specialise in Manchester is a perfect match, given her love for the city and its vibrant, ever-growing food scene.

So, if you are looking to partner with a Recruitment specialist who will have yours and the company’s best interests at heart, or if you’re looking for a new temporary Chef job in Manchester, then please contact Anya on 0161 413 5609 or add her on Facebook.