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(Out of Hours)


5 Fascinating Stats That Will Change the Way You Think About Your Chef Career

Written on 07-Mar-2017

Having worked with Interim Chefs for over 26 years, we firmly believe they’re doing a great job propping up the industry during the Chef shortage we’re currently facing.

With Interim Chefs playing such a massive part in the catering world, we decided it was time to get under their skin and find out how they feel about their role in the industry.

We want every single Chef to have the best possible experience when working with us which is why we’re working really hard to understand what Chefs want from their career and how we can give it to them. Letting Chefs know that there is #ABetterWay to work in the hospitality industry.

We recently completed a survey of Interim Chefs who work across the country at all different levels and have collated all the results into an easy to digest infographic;

View a larger version here!