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Is Your Feedback Valued?

Written on 06-Oct-2016

JCP-10018Point 8 in the CJUK Charter promises that all of our Chefs opinions and feedback will be listened to and valued, this ensures that we are constantly improving the way we work.

After their first day on a new contract, we contact CJUK Chefs to see how they’re doing in their new role. Allowing them to feedback any issues and enables us to take action before any problems occur.

We always ensure our CJUK Chefs have been placed in establishments best suited to them in terms of;

  • location
  • position
  • payment terms

It’s important to us that CJUK Chefs are going into contracts fully prepared so they know what to expect.

2/3 of our CJUK Chefs rate our clients 4 or 5 stars

Always improving our knowledge about our clients is key to us and the best way to do this is by gaining feedback from CJUK Chefs.

  • What the kitchen was like? Including equipment, set up and the size of the kitchen.
  • What are the team like? Including how many work in the brigade and if there was good communication between the team and front of house staff
  • What was the Head Chef like to report to?
  • What shift patterns did they do?
  • What hours did they work?
  • What particular days off did they have?
  • What were the facilities for breaks like and if they got meals on duty?
  • What was the food like?
  • What was a typical service like?
  • What were their main duties and responsibilities?
  • Tell us about the accommodation, parking and the local area?

We record all of this information to ensure that the next Chef who goes to this client will be fully in the loop.

It’s really important that CJUK Chefs know what to expect when they arrive on site – both the good and the bad. Holding nothing back is important when maintaining a great relationship with our CJUK Chefs and ensuring they’re happy.

All of the feedback received from CJUK Chefs will be passed on to our clients to help improve the experience of fellow CJUK Chefs working there. We aim to only send our Chefs to 4 and 5 star rated clients so they are only working in the best environments.

If you would like to know more about becoming a member of the CJUK brigade, call the Talent Team today on 01254 355 666 or apply online today.

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