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(Out of Hours)


Meet Joey – CJUK’s Chef of the Month for February!

Written on 09-Mar-2020

Congratulations to CJUK Chef, Joey, who has been recognised as our Chef of the Month for his work in February 2020!

Joey - CJUK Chef

Joey has had fantastic feedback from all of his jobs so far and he is a pleasure to deal with, always communicating and being flexible when needed! He also really embraced when we came to visit him on site, helping our marketing team create lots of content to share across our platforms.

We caught up with him to share the good news and ask him a couple of questions about his time in the industry, here is what he said…


How long have you been in the industry for? 
I’ve worked in the industry for over 17 years now

How did you get into the industry?
I followed my family’s tradition to train and work as a Chef

What was your first job?
I first worked as a breakfast Chef if a busy 350 bedroom Hotel

What is your favourite thing about working as a Chef?
I love that I can learn something new every day, and that every day is different

What would you say is the best job you have ever had?
In fact, I’ve only had a couple of ‘bad’ jobs in my time as a Chef, where I felt like I couldn’t learn a thing. The rest of the jobs I’ve had gave me plenty of opportunities for professional development

And the best thing about your role?
I like meeting new people, good people and making great food at the same time

What is your guilty pleasure in food?
It has to be chocolate!

What three words sum up why you work for CJUK?

  1. Freedom
  2. Flexibility
  3. Fun

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