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Meet Jonathan – Entrepreneur, Vlogger and CJUK Chef

Written on 14-Feb-2017

IMG_3035Jonathan joined CJUK in August 2015 following a successful career working in fine dining establishments up to Michelin level around the UK including Gordon Ramsey’s Maze.

Before joining CJUK, Jonathan had never worked for a Chef agency before. He was a little apprehensive about getting on-going work and being placed in jobs that matched his personal preferences, however, Jonathan was looking for a better work-life balance and a little more flexibility to take some time to develop his new business venture, so he took the plunge into the world of Interim Chef work.

To Jonathan’s surprise, he was placed in establishments such as ‘Foxhill Manor’, a luxury private house hotel in the Cotswolds, and was finding he had loads of communication with the team at CJUK and that they really listened to what he wanted. If CJUK placed him in a job that he wasn’t enjoying we would find an alternative for him straight away.

Jonathan felt respected and supported as a CJUK Chef and as a result, was feeling inspired and motivated to do a great job in all his placements and provide an excellent service for CJUK’s clients.

After a few months of working for CJUK Jonathan revealed his plans to create his own online Chef streaming business based around ‘Alternative Cooking’ with a focus on healthy eating. Jonathan said;

“If it wasn’t for CJUK I wouldn’t have been able to launch my business so successfully. They offered me loads of flexibility and gave me contracts that allowed me to take time off and really focus on the website, streaming service and brand. I gave them a finish date and we worked towards it together”

AvatarYou can find Jonathan’s streaming page here https://www.twitch.tv/chefjohnreed and his website here http://www.chefjohnreed.com/

Jonathan fully intends to work for CJUK in the future to fit in with his business and lifestyle. He would say to anyone thinking about doing interim work;

“CJUK are like a family, you become part of the community immediately and you are listened to and respected. You will have less stress and you will take control of your work-life balance. Working for CJUK is definitely a long term career option.”

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