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The Key to Successful Chef Recruitment – Retaining Them!

Written on 20-Sep-2016

Having been a Candidate Manager with CJUK since 2014, my role is to ensure that all of our Elite brigade are happy. We are extremely passionate about our CJUK Chefs and one of our key achievements is successfully retaining our them. We have chefs that are just starting off their careers with us and others that have spent over 20 years of their career with us, but every single one is just as important as the next.

I believe there are a vast number of reasons for chefs choosing to have a career with us and that’s what working with us is all about – having the best career possible.

Communication is key to what we do.  We listen, ask and then listen again.

Making the perfect match
I have an understanding of the right person and right place. On every single occasion, I make sure it’s right for the chef, they’re the most important thing to us and should they have any doubt about going anywhere, they don’t have to. It’s their choice.

Regular Contact
I keep in touch throughout the chef’s journey with us; we don’t just send them on a job and ‘hope for the best’. Keeping in regular contact ensures that our chefs know we are there, whenever they need us.

What’s next?
Ensuring our chefs know what is happening next is key. As an Interim chef, it can be quite daunting not knowing what is around the corner. Booking our chefs in advance ensures they know that they are secure. For nearly all of our chefs this is their full-time job and we need to make sure they are working.

Open office policy
CJUK Chefs are an extension of our ‘in-house’ team; we want them to feel like they are one of us. I know their likes and dislikes, pets, home life and they can just come in or call for a chat whenever they want.

More than just a job
We work hard to give our chefs an opportunity to be involved in everything we do, from social events to contributing to our website, either via articles, recipes or whatever they’re passionate about – they have a voice.

Honesty is the best policy
We will tell our chefs exactly what they are going into, whether good or bad. We do not build up our chef’s expectations to have them ruined when they arrive at their job.

Finally, we are always so conscious of how special each individual chef is to us and recognising hard work is something we constantly do. We know how hard their job is and believe that our chefs who are out there in the industry representing us should be recognised and rewarded.

Retaining Chefs is the key to any business being successful, especially throughout the current Chef Shortage.

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