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(Out of Hours)


Meet Joe – Artisan Food Producer and CJUK Chef

Written on 04-Apr-2017

bol 1Joe has worked for CJUK since 2014. He joined following a number of permanent chef positions and achieving a first class honours degree in Hospitality Management.

The main reason Joe was initially attracted to Interim Chef work was that he would be paid for every hour of work. However, he soon discovered there were a number of other benefits.

Joe found he had more time outside of work to start experimenting with home brewing which he had always had an interest in.

Out of this, he created an artisan, organic apple cider vinegar made from cox and Bramley apples sourced from Chegworth Valley.

Joe BarringtonNormally vinegar is a by-product of wine or cider production but the difference with Joe’s vinegars is that they are created with the sole purpose of being an excellent quality vinegar. It’s aged in old cognac barrels and Joe is intending to market his high-quality product to professional chefs initially.

Joe says, “working for CJUK has allowed me to spend time developing my new products. I would never have had the time or freedom to focus on my business if I was working in a permanent role.”

Joe went to on to say, “it’s a shame Agency Chefs sometimes have a stigma attached to them when there are so many passionate, inspired temporary Chefs out there. Working on an interim basis actually gave me more motivation as I was learning loads of new skills.”

It’s really important to us that our CJUK chefs are smashing the perceptions of Agency Chefs and raising their profile in the hospitality industry. By allowing our chefs to have a better work-life balance we find they are more motivated, inspired and committed to providing an excellent service to our clients.

To find out more about Bollin Valley Vinegar contact us and we can put you in touch with Joe.

If you want to learn more about becoming a CJUK chef contact Jen in our talent team on 01254 355666 or jen@chefsjobsuk.co.uk.


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