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Potential Impact of Brexit on the Hospitality Industry

Written on 28-Sep-2017

A report published today (28th Sept) by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has taken a look at the potential impact of Brexit on ‘low skilled’ industries, such as hospitality.

We have taken a look at the report, and here are our thoughts, and questions…

The hospitality sector is already experiencing a chronic skills shortage, so the potential impact of exiting the EU is fairly substantial.

EU Nationals make up 14% of the hospitality work force, and there are already signs that EU workers are returning home and leaving the industry. There is uncertainty across the industry about who is going to fill these roles, and what are the potential knock on effect to the industries.

For many European workers, the hospitality industry offers a front door to work in the UK. It acts as a gateway to introduce workers into the UK labour market who often move onto roles within other industries but also continue to work in hospitality, all adding strength to our economy.

The REC report suggests that fewer European workers will choose to work in these roles in the future. This could spell disaster not only for the hospitality industry, but for other industries that often take workers from hospitality.

Recruitment is going to become a job that is increasingly challenging, but equally increasingly essential as businesses struggle to find the people they need.

Employers are also going to have to look at how to attract and retain more British workers, but with employment at a high, where are all of the workers needed going to come from?

With each thought comes a new question, and it is no surprise that the REC has urged the government to reconsider any potential salary threshold. A full and buoyant workforce at every level in the hospitality is vital to the industry and our wider economy.