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Why Referrals Should Play a Key Role in Recruiting the Best Chef Talent!

Written on 03-Feb-2017

JCP-10013Has the current Chef Shortage left you questioning the effectiveness of your attraction and recruitment strategy? This is the case in most establishments across the country as the future of recruitment is centred around the chef and is showing no signs of changing!

Referrals from your current staff should be your first port of call when sourcing the best talent for your business.

One of the first steps you should take as a recruiter, is to ask your existing employees to tap into their network. Do they know someone who would be a perfect fit for your role?

Usually, finding someone that fits within your company culture can be one of the most difficult factors when recruiting, so who better to assess whether the potential employees would fit into your business?

More often than not, you may find that your employees will refer someone who has a similar skill set, mind-set and level of professionalism to themselves.

Referrals are often seen as a more cost and time effective method to hire future talent, as you will find that the potential employee is already ‘bought in’ to your company because they already have prior knowledge. This helps with an easier sell for you during the interview stages.

Although there are many benefits to asking your employees for referrals, you will need to be mindful that your current employees may be hesitant before making any recommendations to you.

When you are asking for referrals, there will be a fear that their recommendation may not be good enough or reflect badly on them should the placement not work out. Being clear with your employees that this isn’t the case when you communicate your referral scheme will help to combat this.

JCP-10508Remember, these are the candidates that will make recommendations to your business in the future, they will be able to speak from experience and this is priceless.

It is also worth noting that those employees that are recommending talent to your business, are the employees that are mostly likely to stay.

They are content and happy enough with your business that they are willing to sell the company for you, believe in your company culture and are contributing to your company’s success. Recognising and rewarding the employees doing this is key to ensure it keeps happening, it doesn’t necessarily have to be money related.

Referrals are just one of the ways that you as can attract the best Chef talent to your business, looking at your database, old applications and past employees can also be other effective ways of attracting the right Chefs to you.

Continual review and refinement of your recruitment strategy is a must for every business in order to recruit the best Chef Talent for you.