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(Out of Hours)


Are you “forgetting” to remind your staff to take holidays?

Written on 19-Dec-2018

Did you know that the right to any holidays not taken by an employee should not automatically be lost, unless the employer has taken steps to advise them that it will be? (According to the Working Time Directive)

The REC recently published an article on a legal case in Germany which examined the Working Time Directive and whether the right to annual leave should be lost at the end of the leave year.

CJUK Chef imageWith the busy festive period well underway, we all know too well the stress and pressure that hospitality workers face and the family events they miss out on all year round, but in particular at this time of the year.

It’s now more important than ever to encourage staff to take their holidays, especially when those ‘burnout’ signs are starting to arise. If you keep pushing your employees to work long hours, seven days per week, they will leave!

Our team always take the time to catch up with our interim Chef brigade throughout the year to see how they are getting on and to remind them to take their remaining holidays before the end of the financial year.

With their accrued hourly holiday pay, many CJUK Chefs choose to take their well-deserved time off throughout January and February after working during the busy festive period – some even jet off abroad for a few months!

In the UK, we are experiencing a worrying shortage of Chefs and hospitality workers and those people that are still working in the industry often don’t feel valued or say they have no work-life balance.

Hospitality employers can easily combat these issues by putting their employees at the heart of their business and offering flexibility, support and good pay. Many businesses are now responding by offering great benefits packages such as four day weeks, straight shifts and time off.

By adopting a holistic approach to all of these things, you will see that your staff stay with you much longer.

We’re passionate about keeping Chefs in this amazing industry and we truly believe that embracing the shift towards more flexible working is key to keeping kitchens fully staffed.

As we have mentioned before, we mustn’t bite the hands that feed us!

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