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Rockin’ down the rocky road… Jodie-Lou’s Recipe Challenge

Written on 04-Jul-2018

Blog post by Nadira Banglawala

Jodie-Lou bakingAt CJUK, we love to engage with our chefs and get them involved with our day to day work. Last week we challenged our chefs on Facebook to send us a recipe and we would put our best cooking skills to the test to make a special dish…

Jodie-Lou, part of our recruitment team, was tasked by a chef to make a dish using a list of ingredients that he sent us, but without a method.

The ingredients we were asked to use were:

  • Biscuits
  • Butter
  • Chocolate
  • Madeira Cake
  • Honey
  • Chocolate

We decided that the best dish we could make with the ingredients would be a Rocky Road Tray Bake. As keeping in theme with the challenge, we discovered we had no baking equipment, so we improvised using alternative methods to make the best rocky road she could.

As easy as a rocky road may sound, it brought a challenge and definitely rocked the boat for Jodie-Lou as lo and behold, we ran out of chocolate! Who knew four bars would not be enough…Rocky Road

Jodie-Lou decided to take it up one step further to make it more interesting and added in a mixture of smooth and crunch as well as sweet and salt to tantalise the taste buds.

All in all, the ingredients given by our chef and the love that Jodie-Lou gave resulted in a tasty, rich, chewy, mouth wateringly chocolatey treats, for everyone in the office to enjoy.

After the success of the first recipe, we are calling all chefs to send us their favourite recipes, and challenge us to make them!

Feel free to get creative and as mad as you want – if it helps on the 7th July 2018 it is National Chocolate Day, and we love chocolate in the office!

  • Send your Recipes!

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