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(Out of Hours)


Meet Scott – CJUK’s Chef of the Month for December!

Written on 08-Jan-2020

Congratulations to CJUK Chef, Scott, who has been recognised as our Chef of the Month for his work in December 2019!


Scott won this award for going a little bit under the radar, just getting stuck in, getting his head down and doing an amazing job without any troubles! We feel he is a real CJUK Chef and deserves this award.

Scott CJUK Chef

We caught up with him to share the good news and ask him a couple of questions about his time in the industry, here is what he said…


How long have you worked in the industry for?

I have been in the industry for 31 years.

How did you get into the industry?

I started working in catering aged 15 at Britoil in Aberdeen, they had a huge staff canteen. From there I progressed into mainly Hotel kitchens in the city.


What is your favourite thing about working as a Chef?

My favourite thing about being a Chef is the creativity and knowing that every service is never the same.


My favourite thing about being a CJUK Chef is knowing you are helping clients out of a situation, that the team in the office make regular contact with you, they do their utmost to place me in an environment that is suited to me and unlike many full time jobs, my career doesn’t stagnate and always progresses.


Have you ever cooked for a celebrity/ well known person?

I used to cook for the political party conferences so would quite often cook for political leaders. The funniest celebrities I have cooked for were Oliver Reed and Jerry Lewis, they were so funny and down to earth, unlike some other celebrities that I could mention. 


What’s the best job you have ever had?

There have been many very good jobs I have had but I can honestly say working with CJUK (I say with instead of for as it’s such a team) is the best job I have ever had, it gives you everything you need in a job but with added benefits. 


What would you say is your guilty pleasure in food?

My guilty pleasure is on my days off I will have a large ribeye with a good bottle of wine.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever experienced?

The strangest thing I have ever seen was the GM sent a KP into the Hotel swimming pool with trunks and a strainer to fish out a child’s floater.


What three words sum up why you work for CJUK?

  • Caring
  • Reliable
  • Professional 

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