(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


Find a Chef Job Where You Earn More Money and Have a Better Work-life Balance

Written on 10-Mar-2017

cjuk_conf_087Long hours, salaried pay, no overtime, holiday restrictions, repetitive work…there is another way! Take a look at some of the benefits of being a Chef with CJUK.

  • All CJUK Chefs get paid for every hour that they work – that can really add up when you are doing 80 hour weeks!
  • Our Chef de Partie hourly rates start at £11 per hour – that adds up to £2200 per month if you work 50 hour weeks!
  • All our Chefs earn holiday pay at 12.07% of their total earnings – that’s about ½ a day for every full week worked!
  • Working as a CJUK Chef you will earn significantly more than a chef working in a permanent job if you are working full-time hours
  • Interim Chefs are in extremely high demand so you will always be in work and have a variety of jobs to choose from.
  • Working as an Interim Chef you can get experience working in a variety of establishments ranging from rosette restaurants to 5* hotels, to pub groups to contract catering.
  • If you travel further afield a lot of placements offer accommodation free of charge so your living costs can be minimal.
  • You can take time off when you like. A lot of our Chefs work for 9 months of the year and take January to March off when the industry is a little quieter.

Here is what some of our current interim chefs have to say about being a CJUK Chef:

cjuk-contractsThe flexibility, not being hounded and the professionalism. – Mark

Getting the chance to travel and meet other Chefs. – Nick

I can take off when I like and don’t have someone angry at me for it. I have my own freedom. The team actually care about every individual Chef and their needs. – Dean

I have always been kept in work which is great, but also everyone is really easy to talk to and get along with. – Adam

Interim chefs are really valued in the industry. Here is an example of what one of our clients said about our CJUK Chef, David

“I was let down at the last-minute by a Chef who had agreed to run our small but very busy and quite intense kitchen over Christmas. Not only was the [Interim] Chef a perfect fit for my business he was a great person as well. He was experienced and professional as well as humble.” Owner, High-End Bar, London

The hospitality industry is propped up by Interim Chefs. We have a large client base, so if you are considering a change, give one of our Account Managers a call and have a confidential discussion about Interim work today on 01254 355 666.

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Katie Mellor
Director of Sales & Operations