(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


Christian’s Story: “Working for CJUK Changed My Life”

Written on 29-Jun-2018

Christian CJUK ChefChristian became an interim chef with CJUK in 2014 and has been working in professional kitchens for over 13 years, advising anyone who may be wanting to try temporary chef work to give it a go…

We caught up with Christian to find out what he likes the most about working as part of our chef brigade and to see how we helped him after a horrific road traffic accident which left him unable to work or drive.

Christian didn’t always dream of being a chef, in fact he did have lots of other plans before he stepped into the kitchen. His dream job was always to be a veterinarian, but after struggling to keep up with the studies and a stint in a vets on a work experience, he decided to look at other options and chose catering.

He told us: “The thing I like the most about working with CJUK is being paid for all the hours I work and getting to request my own holidays. A lot of chef jobs promise that you will only work 40 hours a week, when in reality you work nearer to 60 and only get paid for 40.

“The work-life balance I have since joining the team has allowed me to pursue another one of my passions – martial arts! Never before, during my time in the industry, have I been able to have a hobby.”

Following a serious road traffic incident, Christian was left unable to work or drive. When he was ready to go back to the kitchen he struggled to get to gastro pubs and hotels that rarely had public transport links, so we suggested he did his DBS check through our sister company, Personnel Checks, to enable him to work in schools and nursing homes which were closer to home.

Christian added: “Working for CJUK has changed my life. I often think if I had not joined when I did, I wouldn’t be in the catering industry today. The experience and confidence I have gained from my time as an agency chef is fantastic. Every day is different, I have travelled all over, seeing many new places and making new friends. My advice to anyone wanting to try interim work is to give it a go, push yourself out of your comfort zone.”

We have made a pledge to our chefs to provide them with #ABetterWay of working by ensuring they have a work-life balance and are paid for every hour they work.

If you would like to join our close-knit brigade or are considering the shift to interim work, give us a call on 01254 355666 to discuss how we can help transform your career.