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First Impressions Count

Written on 30-Nov-2016

 “It only take 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression.”
Forbes Magazine

cjuk_conf_049First impressions are then very hard to change and can last a long time and it’s even believed that you will never get a second chance.

Within my role as a Talent Manager, I am the first point of contact for all new chefs and hospitality managers looking to join CJUK on an interim basis.  With this in mind, I’m always very conscious that making a good impression is extremely important. It is no secret that there is a huge chef shortage and because of this the chefs that are out there have the pick of the jobs.

So, what’s important to me is how I can make a lasting first impression and grab your attention, these are the things that set us apart from the rest…

What do our chefs get that they won’t get working for other recruitment businesses out there?

The Bigger Picture
I like to paint a picture and tell any chef I have a conversation with exactly what it will be like to work for us. I don’t want anyone to join us not knowing what they are getting into, we don’t hold back on both the good and the bad. I have quite an open approach, I believe that this ultimately gains the respect of chefs and that’s what I want.

cjuk_conf_075A Serious Career Choice
Should any chef that I speak to just want a job and they are not particularly bothered about whom they work for or where they work, then I have a very honest conversation with them. There are lots of options out there for chefs and they will have no problem finding a job.

The reason I have this approach is because I don’t want a chef who isn’t bothered about who they work for, I want chefs to join our team because they’re passionate about what they do and see working with CJUK as a serious career option and that’s the difference. Link to infographic

The Right Fit
Working for us is not for everyone, and that’s ok. I only register on average 1 in 17 chefs that I speak to. This is because I want every single chef that joins the CJUK brigade to be the right fit – right for them and right for us.

In a lot of cases it’s not suitable for chefs at that moment in time, but could be in a month or a year. Whether chefs join us now or decide its right for them in 6 months; we will still be here and happy to have a conversation.

So, if you’re looking to start your career within a very select brigade of chefs, register online below or call me for a chat 01254 355666

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