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National Mentoring Day – Robin Beeson

Written on 27-Oct-2017

“I had inspired him to sign up for a full-time NVQ in Catering”

I am currently studying at University to become a catering teacher, after 23 years in the industry I want to show my skills and help others find their talents. I love my job and the skills I have learnt over the years are the reason I feel teaching is the next challenge for me.

Robin at CJUK Live

Robin at CJUK Live

My work placement this year is a community scheme at Bolton College helping unemployed people back into work. It’s a 10-week course which involves participants cooking and learning new skills in order to boost their confidence.

I am currently in my 5th week; I did this course last year it really is a great one to be on. I get a real kick out of going in every Wednesday, there’s something different each week and it’s great to see participants finding new ways of working together as well as on their own.

Whilst dropping my knives off in preparation for delivering a lesson, I bumped into one of the guys taking part on the course. I asked what he was doing there as he wasn’t due in. He told me that I had inspired him to sign up for a full-time NVQ in catering! That has got to be one of the best feelings. Without realising it, I had given someone the confidence and passion to pursue his talents for a career in catering.

This is definitely why I want to give back to the next generation.

In the past I have also delivered taster sessions in local schools, giving children a real insight into what being a chef is really all about, what challenges you may face each day and the fantastic things you can do with simple fresh ingredients

Over the last 23 years, I have seen lots of changes within the industry, especially with technology. Ovens aren’t just your typical ones at home anymore, they can pretty much do it all and you can now control them from your computer or phone.

Proud Winner of the Clients Choice Award 2017

I love cooking with fresh ingredients but have also worked in a few places which use ready cooked produce due to tight budgets. I’m  very adaptable to whatever situation I’m faced with in the kitchen and learning new recipes is always a bonus.

Being an Interim Chef, I can do your simple cooking, but I can also do rosette style, which I’m very proud to be able to cook at such a high standard. It’s all about presentation for me as I am quite arty when it comes to my cooking; good rustic pub grub is also a winner!



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