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There Is No Health Without Mental Health

Written on 24-Jan-2017

JCP-10326With over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, all the team at CJUK have witnessed first-hand the pressures involved for all those working tirelessly, both front of house and back of house, to ensure the smooth and successful running of the busy establishment.

CJUK are 100% committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our chefs is always at the forefront of what we do. From the type of establishments our chefs like to work in, to the giving them the low down of the current brigade in the kitchen, communication is key.

When it comes to speaking about mental health & physical health, particularly in the hospitality industry, it seems to just get brushed under the rug. Working 18 hour days often without a break, in a hostile environment and split shifts, all these things can contribute to increased instances of poor mental health.

At CJUK, we recognise and accept that mental health is an important issue and we’re committed to promoting the mental health of our team.

We understand that our chefs will face challenges specific to themselves and may require little or no support from us, however, we do support an ethos that encourages our chefs to seek support when they are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression.

Through continually requesting feedback on the working environments our chefs are in, we are able to identify when they may begin to feel unhappy and we would then discuss what is making them unhappy and try to resolve the issue or would move them into another contract.

Life can be challenging for all of us at times and for those of us living with poor mental health, it can be even tougher. We sometimes need just that little bit more support to improve our happiness.

JCP-10543CJUK have recently teamed up with the country’s leading mental health charity, Lancashire Mind, who are passionate about leading the mental health revolution.

Together, we want to help our chefs to be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression and equip them with the tools needed to stay on track and when needed, get back on track.

Together with Lancashire Mind, CJUK will be holding sessions with the objectives being a greater understanding of stress, anxiety and depression and exploring ways to better be able to cope with change and move forward through tough times.

We all know that mental health is a massive issue in the hospitality industry, so if you feel you or anyone else you know could benefit from attending one of these seminars, please contact a member of our Talent Team on 01254 355 666 or email info@chefsjobsuk.co.uk to register your interest.

Through training and support, CJUK believes that developing a better understanding of and resilience to mental health problems, it will lead to increased job satisfaction, productivity, less stress, fewer accidents and better motivation.