(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


CJUK Charter

At CJUK we want our Chefs to be rewarded, motivated and challenged by their work. We all know that being a Chef can be tough but also extremely rewarding if you have the right support, working conditions and pay.

We believe that Chefs should be placed at the heart of our operation and we are championing the cause every day. We’re also adding value through extra benefits such as health and wellbeing programmes, free high-quality uniforms and regular feedback.

This is why we’ve introduced the CJUK Chef’s Charter to help ensure all our Chefs find working with CJUK, whether it’s permanent or temporary, to be #ABetterWay.

1. CJUK Chefs Will Be Paid For Every Hour They Work

2. CJUK Chefs will have a work-life balance

3. CJUK Chefs will be less stressed, they will #JustCook

4. CJUK Chefs will remember why they became a Chef

5. CJUK Chefs will always have the opportunity to learn

6. CJUK Chefs will have a personalised induction

7. CJUK Chefs will always be fully prepped for every job

8. CJUK Chefs opinions and feedback will be valued

9. CJUK Chefs will raise the standard in the industry

10. CJUK Chefs will become part of a close knit brigade