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CJUK Chef Stories – Krishna


“If this isn’t well-being in hospitality industry I don’t know what is?!”

“I joined CJUK over 12 years ago and I have never looked back. I have been in charge of my own time, money, working hours. I have worked with clients I wanted to and took the time off when I needed it, if this isn’t well-being in hospitality industry I don’t know what is?!”

krishna cjukThis job gives me all the flexibility I need so it fits with my lifestyle perfectly. Everyone has ups and downs in life but I can honestly say the staff at CJUK have been the most professional and helpful bunch I have ever had the pleasure of working with, they have shown me that being paid for every hour makes a massive difference to feeling valued

Many years ago as an interim chef you didn’t have a lot of value at all, you were treated differently and you never knew what you were about to go into. However the industry has changed so much now, interim chefs are in class of their own, they are all respected, and businesses understand the valuable service interim chefs provide, they are the back bone of the industry”

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CJUK Chef Stories - CJUK

It isn’t just us saying it, 74 % of our Chefs told us that they enjoy a better work/life balance through working as an Interim Chef

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The dark side of the Hospitality industry gets a lot of attention. Former CJUK Chef, Kristian Fisher sheds some light on the many bright sides..

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Meet a Selection of the CJUK Elite Chef Brigade - CJUK

The comradery in a kitchen can be second to none! At CJUK, you will become part of a very close-knit brigade of like-minded Chefs

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CJUK Charter - CJUK

Working the same job for years on end can become tedious. We hear from many of our Chefs that becoming an Interim Chef can reignite your passion..

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Chef Social (@chefsocialuk) | Twitter

Our friends at Chef Social have launched an iOS app featuring a free menu calculator to help Chefs manage their gross profit targets

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Britain not a 'foodie nation' - top chef

Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett says that Britain is still not a “foodie” nation. As working chefs in the industry, do you agree?

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CJUK Charter - CJUK

At CJUK we want our Elite Chefs to be rewarded, motivated and challenged by their work. That’s why we live by the CJUK Charter to ensure #ABetterWay..

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Jobs - CJUK

Looking for a new contract? Head over to our jobs board to view all of our available contracts

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January is a hard month for Chefs after the most stressful period of the year. Make a change for 2018 and find out how you can have a less stress-filled..

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