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(Out of Hours)


What Motivates Your Team?

Written on 19-Sep-2016

The success of any business can almost always be traced back to the motivation and engagement of its employees. Hardworking, happy employees lead to triumph, productivity, profitability and staff retention.

Motivation is the driving factor that leads people to work harder, however it can be as individual as the people who work for you. There is no secret formula, calculation or work sheet to fill in. Basically, you need to find out what drives your employees and then give it to them to enable them to be fulfilled in their job. This can be anything from money, power or environment to belonging, expertise or security.

Here at CJUK we recognise that every chef has unique qualities and motivators. As a recruiter, we are passionate about encouraging our chefs to grow and become the best they can possibly be, striving to keep them engaged and to be inspired.

Here are the core principles we believe are key to the motivation and fulfilment of our CJUK team.

The Working Environment

It is easy to stay motivated when you feel comfortable in the workplace. How you shape the kitchen has a major effect on your team’s mentality. For us, large, open and bright kitchens will give your staff the support and encouragement through the long, stressful shifts.cjuk_conf_049

Having a staff room that is open and inviting, with TV’s, fridges, microwaves, allows your staff to have somewhere to relax after a busy service.

Accommodation is also key to keeping your brigade happy and motivated, a comfy bed with towels provided and staff meals will ensure all members of the team are happy.

Social Activities

Most people see ‘agencies’ as a middle man, the person who find someone a job and that’s it job done! We’re looking to smash this perception by making sure that all of our Chefs feel part of a team and more importantly a part of our business.

With events such as our Chefs Conference being held every year, we actively encourage all of our Chefs to get together and share the stories and experiences of the year.

work-life-balanceAt this year’s annual Chefs Conference we had guest speaker, John Benson-Smith, as well as a cook off, a round table discussion on Interim Chefs in the industry and our Chefs were recognised in an awards ceremony.

Getting our CJUK Chefs together every year allows us to clearly share our vision and demonstrate how their amazing work is impacting upon the business as well as the industry and also helps our Chefs buy into what we do as a business as our ‘vision’ is clearly communicated.


Strong Values

The CJUK team are passionate about what they do, and how they do it! As Apple founder Steve Jobs says:

“The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do”.interim-chef-survey1

We have strong core values which run through into the internal recruitment team and out through our CJUK brigade. Every member of the CJUK team believes in these values and then aligns their own attitudes and behaviours appropriately.

Integrity | Positivity | Team | Going the Extra Mile | Respect | are core to every CJUK person.

By actively investing in the well being of your staff, you are investing in your future success. You can’t cut and paste with people, everyone is unique. Encourage laughter, embrace change, promote unity, recognise strengths and respect each other always.

Give your staff the best reason to come to work every day – not because they have to … but because they want to!