(Out of Hours)


(Out of Hours)


Let’s talk holiday pay!

Written on 30-May-2022

When a rate is advertised at £16 + holiday pay what does that actually mean?

Why is it that PAYE rates often appear lower than self-employed rates?

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Well, holiday pay is accrued at 12.07% so for every £1 you earn, your employer (i.e. CJUK) puts an extra 12.07p away for you.


That means, if you worked a 40 hour week you would save up an extra £77 (approx.)


SO, when you go on holiday (or you finish working for us and we issue your p45) you can take all that extra money we have been saving for you.

Sometimes it adds up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds!


Plus you get all these added benefits:

  • Hassle free tax deductions (no filling in self assessment)
  • Weekly pay from our reliable finance team who pay 100s of employees every week (basically, no chasing your wages)
  • Sick pay
  • Pension scheme
  • Pay slips so you can easily document your earnings


So what do you think? Is it worth taking a perceived slightly lower hourly rate for these benefits?


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