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Will a Manchester restaurant ever get a Michelin Star?

Written on 12-Feb-2019

An opinion piece by our Manchester Recruitment Specialist, Anya.

Manchester is never going to get a Michelin Star…or so the Media keep saying.Grafene entrance pic

Sadly another fine-dining restaurant closed its doors in Manchester in January (Grafene) and now we keep hearing that fine-dining doesn’t haven’t a place in the City.

This came not long after Manchester House closed towards the end of 2018 due to difficult trading conditions and a ‘tough market’.

But let’s just take a second to look at the bigger picture. Are things as bleak as they seem?

The City has missed out on a Michelin star many times, leaving it without one for four decades, but all is not lost, Manchester is still home to some amazing establishments, such as Adam Reid at the French (4AA Rosettes), Restaurant MCR which has reopened recently with Michelin Star Chef, Aiden Byrne and Where the Light Gets In which gained nearly flawless reviews over the past year.

Yes, Northerners love nothing more than some good, hearty grub whilst listening to Oasis but we also love to treat ourselves occasionally and I (and plenty of other people I know) love nothing more than some high-quality, finely crafted food.

What’s best, if you treat yourself at Adam Reid at the French you can eat posh nosh WHILST listening to Oasis – the best of both worlds!

My personal opinion is that I don’t think we should lose faith in getting a Star just yet, but what do you think?

Would you choose a fine dining meal over good hearty grub or do you think Manchester is just destined to always be a ‘starless’ city?

Anya CJUKArticle written by Anya.

Anya is CJUK’s Manchester-focused recruitment specialist, placing talented interim Chefs in many different hospitality establishments across the City.

If you are looking for some more information or have any questions, please call feel free to call her on 0161 413 5609 or message her privately on Facebook.

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